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Hands-On Rehabilitation
Do you have a nagging injury? Are you limited due to pain? We offer manual physical therapy, education, muscle training, taping (KinesioTaping and McConnell taping), and home programs.

Functional Movement Screen
The functional movement screen or FMS is the 7-point movement screen designed to identify dysfunctional movement patterns and asymmetries within the body. The goal is identify those at risk of injury and issue corrective exercise to prevent the injury from ever occurring. Whether you are just getting in shape or are a long time athlete, this screening can help determine your strengths, weaknesses, and muscles imbalances.

Video Gait Analysis
For runners who cannot get rid of an injury or are looking to prevent injury, video analysis of running mechanics can be an essential part of the process. We will take a look at how you run and why and then work together to decrease the mechanical forces responsible for injury.

Orthotic Therapy
Do your feet hurt? Do you have chronic injuries in your back or legs? Have you been told you need orthotics and have put it off because of cost? We can produce custom orthotics at a reasonable cost.

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