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  About BodyTuning Physical Therapy  

BodyTuning Physical Therapy has a unique approach to rehabilitation. We will take the time to do a full evaluation including an assessment of flexibility, strength, body mechanics, and functional movement.  We realize that a lower back problem is often linked to an issue with foot mechanics or that your foot problem is directly caused by poor hip strength.  Although we see a variety of clients, we most often see people who are looking for something more than "traditional" physical therapy.  We see people who have already been through a series of physical therapy appointments and have not gotten better, people who have a long standing or multi-faceted problem, or someone who needs a quick fix or one time repair.  We love seeing healthy people too!  Injury prevention is easier once we have identified your physical weak links or biomechanical inefficiencies.  We will highlight any potential issues you might have and give you a specific home program to avoid being sidelined with an injury.

  Meet the Therapist  

BodyTuning Physical Therapy was established in 2005 by owner and operator Sara Thatcher.  Sara has been a licensed physical therapist since 1995.  She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy.  She has taken extensive continuing education in manual therapy and sports rehabilitation.  She is a mother of three and enjoys marathons, triathlons (and is an ironman finisher).  She is a proud founder and coach of the Marblehead Fit Girls, a program designed to get fourth, fifth and sixth grade girls running and reading.  When not at work, you can find Sara walking the dog,  cheering at kids sporting events, or (if she is lucky to have a window of free time) you will find her relaxing at the beach!